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Are you struggling to start or grow your freelancing career? Then, you’re in the right place.

5 Steps to Boost Your Freelancing Career

Dear future 6-figure freelancer,

 Are you STRUGGLING to start your freelancing career? Do you want to GET MORE FREELANCING CLIENTS and be the best choice of employers by following a 5-step guide? Or do you just want to earn some side income while still doing your day job? Then, keep reading because this is the first time we’ll reveal these 5 Steps(There are some that offers 10 steps, 15, or even 20. They’re good, but trust us when we say you only need these 5.)  You most likely have tried applying to several platforms already. And you’re having a hard time getting hired because… You might be using a SHOTGUN approach where you apply to all job postings you can see and copy-paste your application letters. 

After 8+ years of helping businesses in the freelancing world and over 9 months of helping other freelancers…

I’ve realized that the #1 problem of most freelancers who are getting a hard time finding clients is their APPROACH. You see, businesses focus on growing their business. And they need people who they think can help them, not just train them. And when you learned how to approach them the right way…  You’ll have a GREATER chance of getting hired and soon, you might even get referrals from them and be flooded with inquiries. So yes, realize this…

Without a Proper Approach, You’ll Barely Get Hired by Clients…

Without an effective approach in your application letter, profile, website, and interviews, here’s what will probably happen to you: 

  • You’ll be forced to find a full-time job where you have to go to the office risking your health (and your loved ones’ health) because of the pandemic.
  • You’ll be forced to try out several programs that may or may not work. But that means spending weeks or months finding the right program.
  • You’ll be left wandering around in circles asking “what do I do next?

You have to make this work. Do whatever you can! If you failed, you can try again. It is never your fault.  I, too, used to STRUGGLE at finding freelance jobs when I was 16. I want to teach you this APPROACH because it has changed my life, and it can change yours too, if you take actions.

Your Journey Towards A Successful Freelancing Career Starts Here in this Workshop

Here’s What You’ll Learn in The Art of Freelancing Workshop

  • The Right Mindset in Freelancing and how you’ll stand out from competition
  • Choosing your Career Path and the 10 most in-demand skills
  • Preparation of Portfolio, Contracts, Cover Letters and templates you can copy
  • The Right Approach to Applying to Online Job Platforms and how to position yourself
  • What to Do After a Project to keep them wanting you more
  • and many, many more…

This Workshop Is For…

  • ASPIRING FREELANCERS who want to get their first client and start their journey
  • FREELANCERS who want to try a new approach in getting more clients
  • STUDENTS, STAY-AT-HOME MOMS & DADS who want to get a side income

I’m Pao and I’m the CEO and Founder of Course Belt Learning, Inc.,an e-learning platform learners can take at their own pace. We have educated over 21,000+ students and still counting! Because of the impact we’re making to Filipinos, we were featured on publications such as Esquire Philippines, Business World, Business Mirror, Smart Parenting, and many more. 


What We’ll Be Teaching You in This Workshop Has Already Worked for Many Filipinos…

… and YOU are next!

Here’s What You’ll Get if You Join The Art of Freelancing Workshop Today…

  • 4 hours of live, value-packed lessons and exercises from 5 Keynote Speakers (Php 25,000 value!)
  • Workshop replays, slides, application templates, contracts (Php 10,000 value)
  • Certificate of Participation

Plus these amazing bonuses!

BONUS #1: Community Management Mini-Course (Php 1,999 value)BONUS #2: 2-hour long follow-up webinar after 2 weeks (Php 10,000 value) 

TOTAL VALUE = Php 46,999

When you apply what you’ll learn, you’ll easily double or triple that amount in just a few months… That’s if you’ll take the actions seriously. Because applying the right approach will skyrocket your chances of getting clients.

But Don’t Worry, I Won’t Be Charging You Php 46,999 for Just One Workshop…

Why? Because one of our goals is to help more Filipinos learn the art of freelancing and get hired. So I decided to price it at Php 1,997… 


Since we wanted to reach more people, we’re giving away a Php 1,500 discount when you use the code: COURSEBELT Our only request is you join our amazing community on Facebook and share it with your friends who might need it too!


P.S. Don’t forget to use the coupon code: COURSEBELT on checkout!

Hoping to see you there!

Wishing you the best,

Frequently Asked Questions

When’s the workshop again?
The workshop will be on March 5, 2021, 1pm-5pm via Zoom. 
Is this a beginner-friendly workshop?
YES! Definitely!  
What if I missed the workshop, how can I access it?
You can watch the replays via Course Belt. 
Will I get hired after attending the workshop?
To be honest, we cannot vouch that you’ll get hired after. Because after all, it will still depend on your actions. We’re giving you the right approaches and tools. It’s still up to you whether you’ll make the most out of it or not. 
Is the workshop in English or Taglish?
The workshop is in Taglish so everyone can easily understand it. 
Do you have a Facebook group I can join?
Yes! Everyone is free to join our helpful and active community here!
How do I contact you for other concerns?
You may fill out the form here, send us an email at, or message us on any of our Facebook pages below:Course Belt
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